The Investment Committee Team

Fausto Artoni

Fausto has been working as a fund manager since 1994, focusing mainly on Italian equity investment opportunities. During the course of his professional experience, he also managed flexible investment products with exposure to European debt and equity securities.

Stefano Mach

Since 2008, Stefano has conceived and successfully launched highly innovative investment products based on a multi-asset investment management style, including corporate hybrid instruments, as well as financial products aimed at generating alpha through exposure to option derivatives.

Gherardo Spinola

Gherardo’s career has been exclusively focused on investment management. After having gained multi-year experiences as portfolio manager for HNW investors, since 1991 Gherardo has been managing flexible open-ended mutual funds, focusing primarily on listed global equity, with a preference for advanced economies and a value investment style.

Dario Longobardi

Dario has been operating on financial markets since 1999. Over the course of his career, he has managed investments encompassing multiple asset classes. He has been in charge of managing both equity and fixed income funds with a global focus. Dario has distinguished himself for his dynamic investment approach, primarily aimed at taking advantage of pricing inefficiencies. In IMPact, Dario is exclusively focused on providing discretionary investment management services for both HNW individuals and institutional investors.

Pietro Mozzi

Pietro started his career at IMPact in 2021 in the sustainability team as Impact Research Analyst, where he was involved in ESG and impact analysis of companies, supporting the creation of the sustainability monitoring system for portfolios. Starting in May 2022, Pietro joins the investment management team as Equity Analyst supporting the CIO, Gherardo Spinola.

Alessandro Tonni

Alessandro has held the role of fund manager for over 20 years. His thematic expertise is on listed international equity. During the first part of his career, he has focused geographically on USA markets and technology companies, while repositioning his expertise at a later stage on listed infrastructure companies at the global level.

Luca Vallarino

Luca has been working in financial markets since 2013. For several years he was involved in cross asset execution trading and management support. At IMPact he focused on fixed income, with a particular focus on the euro area. Luca oversees the publication of the macroeconomic outlook that is discussed during the Committee.