Members of the Sustainability Committee

Fausto Artoni

Fausto is Chairman of IMPact’s Board of Directors and Sustainability Committee.

He started his career as an Italian Equity Sales Associate in 1982 and in 1994 he moved to Indosuez – Crédit Agricole, where he served as Lead Equity Fund Manager.

In 1998 he became Investment Co-Director of the Azimut Group’s flexible funds, as well as of its Italian equity funds. During his years with the Azimut Group, he was also appointed member of the Investment Committee and sat on the Board of Directors of a number of group companies. Starting in 2021, he is in charge of managing Art. 9 SFDR products with high sustainability ambition in the Italian equity market. Starting in 2021, he manages Art. 9 SFDR products with high sustainability ambition in the Italian equity market.

Stefano Mach

Stefano is CEO and a member of IMPact’s Sustainability Committee.

His career began in the financial markets in 1986 and for over 20 years he worked as a Milan-based broker for leading Italian and international financial institutions.

In 2008 he was appointed Senior Fund Manager at the Azimut Group, where he sat, at different times, on the Investment Committee and on the Board of Directors. As Senior Fund Manager, he designed and successfully launched innovative financial products based on a dynamic multi-asset management approach, encompassing both bonds and equity, with a specific focus on optional instruments.

Gherardo Spinola

Gherardo is the Chief Investment Officer and member of IMPact’s Sustainability Committee.

Since 1991, he has worked as investment manager, adopting an investment management style capable of combining fundamental analysis with the exclusion of specific controversial activities, with a particular attention to corporate involvement in tobacco, gambling and weapons.

IMPact’s Exclusion Policy has been inspired by Gherardo’s approach to sustainable finance, formalising the exclusion criteria that Gherardo has applied in his investment management approach for over 20 years.During his experience in the Azimut Group, Gherardo also contributed to launching and then managing Azimut’s Sustainable Equity Trend fund.
Gherardo has been regularly invited as guest speaker to deliver lectures in master’s programmes focused on sustainable finance. Starting in 2021, he manages Art. 9 SFDR products with high sustainability ambition in the global equity market.

Dario Mangilli

Dario is the Head of Sustainability and member of IMPact’s Sustainability Committee.

Dario has worked in Paris as Policy Analyst at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate. During his experience at the OECD, he contributed to drafting reports on global value chains for environmental goods and services and on trade and investment policies encouraging the large-scale deployment of clean technologies. He has also contributed to writing the chapters on Italy, Spain, Chile and Colombia of the 2018 OECD’s Inventory of Estimated Budgetary Support and Tax Expenditures for Fossil Fuels.

Once returned to Milan, he has worked as Business Development Analyst for a strategy advisory firm specialised in venture philanthropy and impact investing.

Before joining IMPact’s team, Dario worked as Sustainability Risk Analyst for the ESG rating agency Vigeo Eiris, specialising on ESG risks of listed issuers for the infrastructure and real estate sectors.
Dario is also one of the authors of the chapter on corporate philanthropy of the book Filantropia – Attori, Caratteristiche e Prospettive in Italia (2019).